Wasps and Bees


What flying stinging insects will I encounter?

Our rich ecosystem in the pacific northwest is home to countless flying stinging pests. The most common ones that tend to invade your property are yellow jackets, paper wasps, European honey bees, and bald faced hornets.

Ouch! What can be done about them?

We can eliminate nests that are on your property, and provide reoccurring services to keep them away! Some of these insects are very beneficial to our area and should be moved or left alone. Let our experts determine the best course of action!

What is done when a nest needs to be eliminated?

We have many options available to us to get the best results with minimal environmental impact. Monthly service is key when it comes to keeping them away from your home.

If I find a nest what should I do?

Stay clear of the nest and give us a call! If you respect the wasps and give them space, they will go about their business and leave you alone. Let us put ourselves in their path so you don't have to!

So I shouldn't pour gas on them?

No! Same or next day service is available with Echelon Pest Control. Save the gas for your lawn mower.

Wow, sounds great!

It is great knowing you have protection from Echelon!

Give us a call now 360-214-0401!