Do I have rodents?

Rodents are on every continent on the planet! After humans, mice are the most successful mammal in existence. Have you been under your home lately?

What rodents pose a threat to my home and family?

In the pacific northwest we are blessed with an abundance of wildlife. Unfortunately, that wildlife often includes rats and mice! The most common rodents in our area are house mice, deer mice, roof rats, and Norway rats.

How do they get into my home?

If a rat or mouse can get their head in a hole, they can make it into your home! The general rule of thumb is if a pencil can fit so can a rodent.

What can be done about them?

The number one thing that can be done, to eliminate rodents from your home, is to seal it up so they can not get in. We do every aspect of exclusion work. After we seal your home up, an extensive trapping program will be implemented. We try to limit the use of baits to gain control of a situation. However, sometimes it is a necessity. When bait needs to be used, we always use child and pet proof enclosures. Your families safety is our number one concern.

How bad could the problem be?

The gestation period for a house mouse is 19-21 days. Every litter can be between 3-14 offspring. One female can have between 5-10 litters a year. Breeding occurs year round.

The gestation period for a roof rat is  21-23 days. They will usually have a litter of 5-8 offspring. They have around 4 litters a year. Unlike mice, rats have a peak breeding season. Usually the spring and fall.

That's a lot of rodents!

That is a lot of rodents.

 But with Echelon Pest Control you have protection!

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